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@ Cleaning company

“We have been working with SB since Nov 2023, our conversion surge to 65% thanks to Superbench’s AI conversational scheduling and CRM tools ”

Category Lead
@ Home services company

“After using Superbench for a week, the team reported that the tool is starting to grow on them. It’s now enabling them to service 6 times as many customers per day compare to before.“

Head of Ops
@ Caregiver company

“Superbench’s AI booking system helps us with auto job scheduling during the sales process. It's so fast that we saw 30% increase in repeat customer bookings from the AI virtual assistant.“

Sales and Scheduling

Manage your entire sales cycle, track client communication, and get full oversight of your operations

Business Intelligence

Unlock new insights, seamlessly update SOPs, and integrate data from conversations and operations to identify profitable growth opportunities

Minimise Downtime
Maximise Profits

Automate Payment Confirmations

Experience the Future of Service Scheduling:
Convenient, Trustworthy and Fast

Chat-based Booking

Stay within one channel. No more redirection to external sites or complex forms

Alignment Upfront

Streamlined service scope, quality, and scheduling for perfect customer alignment.

Instant Slot Matching

Auto match with the best field worker for the job, boost revenue while minimising traveling

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